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how to lose 10 pounds in a week

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

how to lose 10 pounds in a week

Most of us our main objective is to lose weight faster, no matters what, all what we need is say goodbye to those extra KG.

Food is really important for our bodies and it is recommended that you follow a diet plan that does not affect your health either directly or indirectly.

And that is why I do share diet plan based on my own experiences, either I experienced or anyone of my family did and I could see a result with no side effects.

Today I came up with the trial of how to lose 10 pounds in a week , and I gave it the 7D-diet as a name, let me explain it more below:

It is a diet plan with a 7-days program to lose up to 10 pounds, which promises more weight loss in short time, it also improves your digestion, detoxification and ability to burn fats.

As we are vising the fat burn and the weight loss, our diet will be based on fruits and vegetables for a duration of a week, as fruits and vegetable are a low calories food and are full of water which will help as well on the detoxification as mentioned before.

I personally coached a friend of mine to follow the 7D-diet plan and I was amazed by the result, she lost 10 pounds in a week, which is really good for someone who is not used to workout at all.

So, imagine yourself with some effort what can you do with this diet, which shape you will get, and what result you will have.

Let’s talk about it and give more details:

Day 1

As I call it: Fruits Day = the whole day you are not allowed to eat anything except fruits (excluding bananas) and I highly recommend watermelon.

Day 2

Vegetables day: it is a healthy day where you will be required to eat only vegetable (excluding potato), boiled, grilled or even cooked no issue in that as long as it doesn’t contain any salt, oil or butter.

Day 3&4

Let’s combine the previous days and make it more veggies and fruits by keeping the same restrictions.

Day 5&6

It is time for some proteins, two days based on vegetables, fruits and some chicken or fish.

Day 7

Last day will contain veggies, fruits and some brown rice.

As per my own experience, I really enjoyed this diet plan and most important how I felt light healthy and never felt weak.

take some Notes and get some tips!!

If you are not used to workout, it is fine don’t worry, you can make it with one hour walk a day, just try to make it a fast walk, if you would like to make it better, have a look at this product which will help you to do so without leaving your place

click here to learn more, the same product that my friend used to lose 10 pounds in 7 days.

Usually you will not feel thirsty or hungry, but I will advice you to have a cup of green tea from time to time and of course don’t cheat and add some sugar, and in case you felt weak or needs some energy, don’t give up, have a grapefruits juice and it will do the necessary.

Check out the benefits of the green tee in some weight loss product click here to learn more.

Last recommendation from my side, please get away from high calories fruits and veggies, drink water as much as you can

if you have any clarification please do not hesitate to contact me :)

enjoy the diet ♡♡

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