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How to Get Skinny FAST!!

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Hey girls and boys!! Let me break this down to you without any delay, as it is one of the best news ever that I got and it will be for most of you.

Finally, the diet plan that we have been waiting for, is losing weight too fast possible?

Is four kilos in four days possible?

If I didn’t try it and didn’t work for me, I will not bother to share it.

Let's check how to get skinny fast!

Are you willing to sacrifice to see a beautiful body? Honestly, I did and am happy!!👆👆👆

It started when I went to a brand shop, as I was looking to buy the new jeans model, “I am like you girls, addicted to Instagram, top models shares and fashion”

And what kills me every time, is feeling so embarrassed when I hear that famous sentence “what size are you looking for mam?” oh yeah!! Don’t know about you girls and boys, but for me I get that warm blood, that unstoppable sweat, I hate when I start to feel hot when it is 5 degrees Celsius.

Now the part that I start to hate myself and officially announce to a stranger that am fat!! And of course, followed by the worst part which is “sorry mam we don’t have this size available!!”

Got two options in front of me!! Lose this extras Kilos or lose the fashion hobby.

Then started to make some research, and different trials till I got this one.


It is an intensive four days diet plan, based on some protein and some veggies and one hour walk a day.

I insist on INTENSIVE, as really that’s not easy to do...

Let me share my own experience:

The first day was OK, means I tried to make myself busy, avoid food and drink a lot of water, am not used to it as i love food and it didn’t make it easy for me.

Let’s say after lunch went for a walk, came back got a shower followed by a dinner and first day is over.

Second day was a bit harder as I started to feel hungry, and a bit tired, most important that started to think about food. Seriously there is nowhere to go, you are at home and if you want to eat no one will see you, but you will never change, try to get a support from your family as it will help you a lot.

Third day was really hard, weakness, fatigue, sleepy, really tired and lack of energy. The hour walk was really challenging and I had my friend with me to support me and be there in case of any need.

Fourth day, excitement from the morning, it is the last day, either I make it or never, and I did it.

Fifth day, amazing result, from 74 kilos to 69 kilos, trust me even the Dr Nutrition agent said how did you do it?

Disadvantages of this diet Ladies and Gents:

You cannot extend the diet one more day and you cannot do it twice a month, in case you do so, it is really dangerous and it will affect your body as this diet will become a torture to the body.

Even if this diet is based on proteins, but you will feel hungry, craving and weak body …

I have tried this Diet, and my husband did so, as well as my best friend and it worked for all of us, and I believe it will make you happy to see the result, and make your smile shining.

Just believe in yourself and if you need some motivation or some advises, if you need any clarification or some more details please feel free to send me a message anytime and I will be pleased to assist you as much as I can.

Below the diet plan that I followed word by word Good luck and don’t forget to share your experience and your results.

What to eat during your four days ?👇👇👇


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